Principles of Home Decorating

There are two segments to budgeting your home decorating or redecorating project. It should make no difference what a decorating expert tells you your bottom line minimum cost should be, because you and you alone know what you financial situation is, and what you can comfortably spend on the decorating. Once you have decided on the budget for the project, make sure that it is the final figure for the ENTIRE plan. Set your budget accordingly, determine when, where and how your going to spend the pre-calculated budget, prioritize, allocate the most money on what area is the most important to you.Tips on Calculating the BudgetNow that you have your budget in place you can begin working on the when, where and how to accomplish your goals.Shop at the big box discount stores, they can surprise you with some of the up to date and stylish items they have on their shelves, try flea markets or online auctions, many high quality products can be found once you develop an eye for value.Do your home decorating in phases, be realistic, some issues can never be overcome, don’t put good money into bad. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, you may end up blowing your entire budget on one segment of the project.If your decorating for the sale of your home or your renting while saving to buy a home, try to keep it simple, look to decorate with items that you can remove and take with you to your new place, use wall decorations such as sconces, art work, or framed pictures, use area rugs instead of wall to wall carpets, tile or laminate, try a free standing wall unit instead of built-ins.Don’t try to fool yourself, only spend what you can afford, make sure your budget is written in stone, and if you hire a decorator, don’t allow yourself to be pressured into spending big bucks on items such as fancy, over the top widow treatments when you can find attractive and a lot less expensive, curtains or verticals at a home improvement store, while staying with in budget, after all this is your goal. Keep in mind that when you calculated your budget it was on the total home decorating scheme, so decide how you want to spend the budget, all at once or over a period of time, if it’s over a period of time decide what that time frame will be, develop a work sheet and keep your budget at the forefront.Stay current on retail prices, get the biggest bang for your buck, don’t loose sight that you have numerous options when looking to buy items for your home decorating, such as consignment shops, estate sales, online offline auctions, flea markets, online offline classified ads, etc., but remember to do your home work and stay up on current prices so you don’t over pay.One last thing I’d like to draw attention to, there is a huge difference between decorating and remodeling, and the expense can be just as large. Remodeling such as tearing out walls entails some serious labor cost, while redecorating, such as window treatments can be done by the average home owner.

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